Our Story

Borgo de' Medici

Translation: "Village of the Medici Family"

The History

The Medici family ruled the city of Florence in the region of Tuscany from 1433 until 1756. Every time a Tuscan village or town was conquered by the Florentine Army, a stone stamp marker with the Medici House symbol was put in evidence on the wall of the town or on the city hall building and the village became officially a “Borgo de’ Medici”.

The Medici family had a major influence on the growth of the Italian Renaissance through their patronage and support of the arts, the humanities and the development of modern Italian cuisine.

massimo e lisa

Massimo the "Founder" & Lisa the "Creative Director"

The Story

To honor this historic heritage, in 1999 Massimo Pugi and his family founded Borgo de’ Medici Delizie Toscane in Prato (Tuscany). Working with some of the
best artisans, farmers and beekeepers of the region, he developed a complete line of authentic Tuscan fine food creating an ideal village (Borgo) of specialty foods (the biscotti from the bakery, the extra virgin olive oil from the olive mill, the fruit preserve from the kitchen with copper pots…) 

Over the past 22 years, Borgo de’ Medici has grown and developed into a multinational company, with products now available in fine specialty stores in more than 30 countries. All of the products come from farms and workshops located in zones of specialization, and are owned by or associated with Borgo de’ Medici.
And now, we bring to you Borgo de’ Medici USA Inc., a 100% family owned subsidiary created to import and directly distribute the Borgo de’ Medici line to specialty stores in the USA just as it is distributed in the Old World…

Our mission is to become the leading purveyor of Tuscan fine food in the world, respected for the outstanding quality of our products, their presentation and authenticity. We are committed to educating, inspiring and communicating the quality, the originality, the values and the lifestyle of Borgo de’ Medici and the Tuscan countryside.